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Loretta_Milan_BooktubeHello and welcome to Literary Lightbox!

My name’s Loretta Milan. I’m so glad you’re visiting Literary Lightbox today, a place where I publish great stuff for everyone who loves reading or writing books. I really hope you enjoy my book reviews, stories about my own and other authors’ writing journeys as well as other exciting things in between.


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Latest articles

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Secrets of the Tower book review

Just published a review of the enjoyable, Secrets of the Tower by Debbie Rix.

Read the full book review here.


Love_of_my_LifeThe Love of my Life book review

My first book review of March is The Love of my Life, a happy ending that becomes a sad beginning, by Louise Douglas, to celebrate this British author’s first publication in the US and Canada.

Read the full book review here.

Literary_Lightbox_March2015sFabulous things coming up in March…

Heh, hey! I recorded a little video for you on World Book Day to let you know about some of the things I’m going to be excited to share with on Literary Lightbox during March as well as invite you to vote for which hardback book you’d like me to review next. Find out which book your voted as the winner here.

Agent_HunterHow do you find the right literary agent for you?

How do you go about finding the right agent for you? Read top tips from a published author and find out about an inexpensive tool that could just help here.


Booktube Premier

Lights, camera, Booktube!

After 69 takes and a few glasses of wine, my Booktube channel is now live! Why take a quick peek at my humble premiere here? It’s just a few minutes long and features some great students from University College London’s Publishing Programme who share some inspirational words about reading!

the-strange-death-of-fiona-griffithsThe Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths book review

Find out why this terrific book gets five stars and is a lesson for writers in characterisation mastery.

Read the full review here.


AJ_SidranskyAuthor Spotlight: A.J. Sidransky

A.J. Sidransky talks about forgiveness, moving readers and leaving a legacy of inspiration…

Read the full article here.


IMG_1123The Secret Place book review

The biggest crime most girls experience at school is savage gossip, boyfriend snatching and, at worst, a fight involving the pulling of ponytails…

Read the full review here.







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