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Indie Spotlight: Jane Cable on how to make your wish to become a published author come true

Many people, including me, wish to become a published author. But wishing isn’t enough. Persistent writing, action and determination, however, could be and Jane Cable, author of The Cheesemaker’s House and The Faerie Tree, is proof.

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Slade_HouseSlade House book review

Can a short story become something more? Many stories are content at a few thousand words but sometimes there’s potential for them to grow into something bigger. Read how David Mitchell did just that with Slade House.

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NaNoWriMo_Loretta_MilanHow to keep writing even if you’re stuck

All writers have magical days when the words flow. How glorious they are. But then there are days of drought. Here are some tips to help you keep going.

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BlueSunYellowSkyIndie Spotlight: Jamie Hoang on the art of writing

Jamie Hoang, author of Blue Sun, Yellow Sky, talks about what inspired to her to write about an artist losing her sight and shares tips for other writers.

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Pencil_sharpenerEight tips for getting (and staying) in the mood to write

Sharpen your pencils, fill up your ink or turn on your computer, because here are my eight top tips for getting (and staying) in the mood to write.

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Girl_No_PastThe Girl with no Past Book Review

Need a book to make you shiver this Halloween? Find out why this psychological thriller by Kathryn Croft could do just that.

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24_hours24 Hours Book Review

What is it that makes people do terrible things? Jealousy? Rage? Hate? That’s the question raised by 24 Hours, one that’s key to the victim outwitting a killer. Read Literary Lightbox’s review of this intense thriller.

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Tea_Planters_WifeThe Tea Planter’s Wife Book Review

This immersive novel gets five stars from Literary Lightbox and is my favourite book of the Autumn so far. For writers, it’s also a fantastic lesson in descriptive mastery.

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