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Six writing lessons from the slopes:   The Polish air pierces my fingertips through two pairs of gloves,
Welcome to Literary Lightbox!:   I’d just reached an age at which it’d become flattering to
What to do when your first draft is done: First drafts are tough. So, if you’ve finished yours, congratulations! (If not

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Having the courage to write what you know:   The saying ‘write what you know’ is too often misunderstood. Many
How an unusual moment of inspiration became a trilogy: Inspiration for books can come from many places. Katrina Mountfort, author of
Nigel May reveals all about the sexy, scandalous world of glam fiction:   What happens when a television personality and former celebrity editor for

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The story behind a prestigious, literary collection of work by emerging authors Title: UCL Publishers' Prize for Student Writing 2015 - A collection of short stories and flash fiction Publisher: University College London Release Date: 2015 Format: Paperback Pages: 228  
Yippee! Literary Lightbox gets a lovely award I was so happy to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Steve Marriott that I did a little pirouette around my lounge and fell over the coffee table!
How do you find the right literary agent for you?   On my desk are my trusty copies of The Writers & Artists’ Year Book and Writer’s Market in which I’ve invested as a constant reminder that I want

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  Who is your favourite author? Mine changes with
  Many people, including me, wish to become a
  News headlines can carry many ideas for stories
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