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Loretta_Milan_BooktubeHello and welcome to Literary Lightbox!

My name’s Loretta Milan. I’m so glad you’re visiting Literary Lightbox today, a place where I publish great stuff for everyone who loves reading or writing books. I really hope you enjoy my book reviews, stories about my own and other authors’ writing journeys as well as other exciting things in between.


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Latest articles

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Missing You book review

This breathtaking romance by Louise Douglas gets five stars.

Read the full book review here to find out why.


Unexpected_disapperanceThe Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman book review

Check out my review of the latest book release you voted for me to look at and find out why it’s a peculiar tale indeed.

Read the full book review here.

Lorrie Farrelly 1Award-winning Lorrie Farrelly goes under the Indie Spotlight

Read about what inspires her, free-spirited first drafts, the importance of a good edit and the pride of winning an award.

Check out the full feature here.


Stolen Child book review

Stolen Child is a gripping read by Laura Elliot and a definite, contemporary recommendation for any writer’s reading list.

Read the full book review here.



Secrets of the Tower book review

A book review of the enjoyable, Secrets of the Tower by Debbie Rix.

Read the full book review here.


Love_of_my_LifeThe Love of my Life book review

My first book review of March is The Love of my Life, a happy ending that becomes a sad beginning, by Louise Douglas, to celebrate this British author’s first publication in the US and Canada.

Read the full book review here.

Agent_HunterHow do you find the right literary agent for you?

How do you go about finding the right agent for you? Read top tips from a published author and find out about an inexpensive tool that could just help here.


Booktube Premier

Lights, camera, Booktube!

After 69 takes and a few glasses of wine, my Booktube channel is now live! Why take a quick peek at my humble premiere here? It’s just a few minutes long and features some great students from University College London’s Publishing Programme who share some inspirational words about reading!









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