Five ways blogging boosts your writing confidence


I started blogging a few years ago as a way of giving. I’d been doing professional copywriting for over a decade, at that point, but I was just budding as a novelist. The beginning of any journey is flooded with lessons and I was eager to share my new insights with other writers in the hope it would encourage and inspire. But, blogging has given back to me too.  Since I started, my confidence as a writer has grown phenomenally as has my ability to push through writer’s block and get those words down.

If your writing needs a confidence boost, here are five ways blogging could help you…

Develop your writing voice

Your voice makes what you write special. It’s easy for your voice to get lost as life goes on. You get used to writing in formal tones for business, tweak your style to fit your company and adapt yourself to new environments. But, the more you write for you, the more that voice, one that’s true and unique to you, will come out. Some people find, at least initially, journaling is a good way to start. It’s a safe, private space to explore your thoughts, reconnect with your intuition and discover your truths. But, if you plan to be a published writer, you can’t hide your voice forever.

Deciding to go public with your thoughts through blogging may take a little courage a first but, in time, it will get you more comfortable with sharing your thoughts, feelings and opinions in your true voice.

Let your personality glow

Blogging is a fantastic opportunity to let your personality shine. People will turn up to your blog because they’re interested in what you have to say and because they are intrigued by who you are. So be you and let yourself glow. Be true to yourself and what you have to say. It’ll help you stand out in a cluttered world.

Become a more productive writer

Blogging is a great way to get into a regular writing habit. There are no rules around how often you should blog although it’s best to publish something at least once a month so it’s always relatively fresh. You don’t want people turning up to find an untended garden and leave disappointed.

You will find your own rhythm and your readers will come to expect a certain pace from you. It’s this ‘contract’ that can help you become a more productive writer. It creates deadlines and this forces your brain to keep coming up with ideas, motivates you to write and share the results.

You’ll naturally find ways to overcome writer’s block so you can turn around a consistent flow of articles which is such a gift if you want to be a professional writer. You may also talk regularly about the themes, subjects and genres you may be writing about in books, short stories collections, memoirs or other formats, which can stimulate your ideas.

Plus, the rewards of blogging are more instant and this could help to further stimulate productivity. It can take months or years to write a book, whereas blog posts can be written within hours so you get to see the results and hear what readers think more quickly.

Feel part of a community

Just because writers often tuck themselves away to write doesn’t mean being a writer has to be lonely.

Blogging is one of the many ways to become part of a community of like-minded people whether it be fellow writers or people interested in the theme, subjects or genre you write around. Blog posts can generate comments that can turn into conversations on your website or on social media. It’s amazing where these can lead.

A community can be great for feedback too. You can ask readers what they think of your ideas, whether they are interested in the premise of a story, what they would like to read about and so on. But, don’t for get to give back. Be generous. Give to your community and be the first to do it. Share snippets of stories, content that could benefit them, regular inspiration. Share their content on social media if you think your readers will enjoy it. Don’t promote, promote, promote you. People will switch off. Two-way relationships are what you want. They benefit everyone.

Excite your readers

Your blog is a fantastic opportunity to engage with current or potential readers of any books or stories you’re writing. Blogging can keep them interested in what you’re writing about, which is very important if you plan to carve a career as a writer long-term. If you blog about themes and subjects that resonate with your readers and carry these through into your books and stories, you increase the chance people will be interested in buying them. You’ll be building a sense of anticipation and exciting your readers which can spur you on to keep writing. As you know, some writing projects can be like a marathon and you need all the motivation, encouragement and cheers you can get.

In the beginning, don’t let fears of a small following hold you back. You’ll benefit from blogging as much as your readers may and, when you blog regularly, you’ll continually have something new to share on social media and give more people a reason to follow you and engage with your posts. Just like with friendships, don’t ignore your readers. Make sure there’s something happening on your blog or on social media on a regular basis to encourage people to keep checking in. Most importantly, keep writing, keep blogging and keep inspiring!

If you’re interested in learning more about how blogging can boost your writing confidence, I’m running a workshop in the UK on 6th June 2018 as part of a fabulous event just for writers. The details are here. I’ll also be posting more tips and inspiration around blogging for writers on Literary Lightbox soon. 

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how blogging has enhanced your confidence as a writer. Why not share what you’ve learned with a link to your author/writing blog below? 

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    By: Loretta Milan

    Loretta Milan is the founder of Literary Lightbox. She works as a professional writer and also has a novel in construction. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Curtis Brown Creative’s three-month novel writing programme. Her writing is fuelled by too much tea.

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