An invitation…to discover yourself through your writing


Hollie_CarrMany people dream of taking time out to write. Maybe it’s an occasional day, weekends or even a holiday dedicated to the craft.

Hollie Carr had the fortune of being able to take a sabbatical and used it to write while making a difference in the world. Now she’s inspiring others to reach for their dreams.

Hollie’s journey began as she listened to inspiring speakers at a TED conference. She was not dissatisfied in life. She had an award-winning career with a prestigious firm, was on a fast-track leadership programme and got to fly around the world delivering projects. But, as she heard the speakers talking about how they were changing the world, she realised she lacked one thing. Purpose.

While brewing on this, she remembered how she loved writing when she worked in China after university. She decided she would like to take time out to do that and soon she was on a plane to Asia to begin a three-month sabbatical.

Finding inspiration during her sabbatical

While helping underprivileged people, some without homes, in Beijing, Hong Kong and Thailand, Hollie was touched by how grateful they were for a bowl of rice and the chance to learn some English. She realised just how much we have in England and how, at home, this is too easily forgotten.

Needing to share this realisation with the Western world, Hollie began to write. She recognised that many people are trapped in busy lives and want to step out of them when reading a story. So, she decided she would write an enjoyable and easy-to-read romance, weaving into the narrative, the wisdom, perspective and lessons she’d picked up.

The story took a while to get down. When Hollie returned home, she wanted to continue making a difference and set up the Rainmaker Foundation to support causes around the world. After having a baby, though, Hollie set about getting her book finished, even organising a launch party to make sure she’d get it done.

Using a romantic story for transformation and discovery

An invitation…to the life of your dreams is a message-based romance that embraces different cultures and sacred teachings. Jessica, the protagonist, feels there could be more to life and embarks on a journey of transformation and discovery.

The story is a little like dramatised non-fiction, written like an account of a life. I could see many of Hollie’s experiences reflected in Jessica’s and I’m sure writing it was a great way to make sense of everything she herself had discovered. Hollie’s passion for self-discovery is evident which is why the story feels like it had flowed out. And, there’s more to come. Hollie has planned two further books in which Jessica focuses further on her life purpose.

Readers are already telling Hollie they’ve taken up something new to give them greater perspective. Some have taken up yoga, some meditation; while others have acted upon specific messages that spoke to them.

Find inspiration and get writing without a sabbatical

Though it would be lovely, you don’t have to take a sabbatical to write a story. You could take up a new activity, join a special-interest group or help a local cause to find inspiration and meaning then carve out snippets of time to write. Make these moments sacred. Even if you have just thirty minutes a day, you could complete a whole book sooner than you think. So, if you dream of writing, why not take a little time out to do it today?

If you’re after an uplifting, light read that could inspire you to find your life purpose, An invitation…to the life of your dreams could be for you. It’s available on Amazon in the UK and US as well as other bookstores worldwide.




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    By: Loretta Milan

    Loretta Milan is the founder of Literary Lightbox. She works as a professional writer and is working on a psychological thriller. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Curtis Brown Creative’s three-month novel writing programme. Her writing is fuelled by liquorice and marshmallows.

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