A special opportunity for indie authors…

Indie_Spotlight_OpenThe Indie Spotlight launched in early 2015 in response to the thousands of requests I had received in the months before from indie authors who said they’d love to be featured. I’ve always been impressed by the dedication so many indie authors put into their books but saddened by how hard it can be to get indie work effectively showcased. So I designed the Indie Spotlight as a free opportunity open to all indie authors who go the extra mile to produce their very best work, present it beautifully and inspire others.

I absolutely love meeting indie authors and talking about their work so, for me, this is one of the real highlights of Literary Lightbox. I currently feature twelve, carefully selected authors a year, and it’s such a pleasure to be able to help raise their profiles. Each feature normally has several thousand views.

Who can apply

Any indie authors who are subscribed to Literary Lightbox’s author club can apply following the instructions below. It’s free. You may be a solely indie author or a ‘hybrid’ author who has published a blend of books independently and traditionally. The focus, though, will be on your independently published work only.

It’s free to both subscribe to Literary Lightbox here, apply for the Indie Spotlight and, if you are selected, to be featured.

How it works

  1. Application: The application window opens twice a year and Literary Lightbox subscribers can apply to be featured in the Indie Spotlight during any of these. Applications are currently closed and will reopen in the Autumn. To be informed when the submission window reopens, please subscribe to Literary Lightbox’s free author club here to receive newsletters and updates.
  2. Judging: When the application window closes, everyone who made a submission will receive a message to let them know that judging has begun. All applications are judged in terms of the quality of the writing, cover design and how inspiring the authors’ publishing story may be to other writers.
  3. Shortlist: Every author who makes the shortlist is sent a message to let them know and are listed on Literary Lightbox.
  4. Finalists: Larger samples of shortlisted books are read in more detail and a decision made as to which authors will be featured in the Indie Spotlight. The six finalists receive a message with the great news.
  5. Interview: The six authors will be interviewed a few weeks before the date they are to be featured. You’ll be asked to email some good quality, creative photos of you and your book to help bring the feature to life.
  6. Feature: Each successful author will be featured on Literary Lightbox, in the newsletter and on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. To get an impression of the style, please take a look at authors who have already been featured here.

How to apply

The application process generally takes five to twenty minutes depending on how much detail you want to go into. Having the following things to hand will make applying quick and easy:

  • Details of your books and links to where they can be found (copies of books are not required at this stage).
  • Information about you as well as any editors or cover designers with whom you have worked.
  • Why you would like to be featured and how you think the story of your publishing journey may inspire other writers.
  • Your contact details and anything else you feel may support your application.

It is free to apply and, if you’re selected, free to be featured. It’s my gift in recognition to all the hard work that goes into independent publishing.

If you’re interested in applying, please subscribe to Literary Lightbox’s author club (it’s free to sign up here) to be informed when the submissions window reopens.