Show an author some love

Any day is a good day to show an author some love. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse.

Here are some ideas to help spread a little literary love today…

  • Take the time to post a positive review on the website where you purchased an author’s book. Goodreads is great too.
  • Tell someone you know about a wonderful book you’ve read. Even better, buy them a copy as a gift.
  • Like, share and comment on authors’ social media posts. (Special tip for authors – make sure you post stuff that’s worth sharing.) You’ll be sending more readers their way.
  • If you know a writer who’s not published anything yet, send them a word of encouragement. Offer to read a draft/extract and give constructive feedback. Support is so important. It’s a long journey.
  • Finally, a hug, chocolates and a glass or two or sparkly wouldn’t go amiss either!

Is there an author you adore? Why not send them a little love today?

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    By: Loretta Milan

    Loretta Milan is the founder of Literary Lightbox. She works as a professional writer and also has a novel in construction. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Curtis Brown Creative’s three-month novel writing programme. Her writing is fuelled by too much tea.

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