Literary Lightbox is a great opportunity to reach thousands of readers and inspire other writers. There’s no cost to apply or be featured but the submissions process is highly selective. So, in this section, you’ll find information about who can apply and how as well as answers to common questions.

Submissions are currently closed.


Who can make a submission?

If you are an indie or traditionally published author, there are several options open to you listed here.

You can make a submission as many times and as often as you like for the features for which you are eligible if:

  • You are the author or have permission to apply on behalf of him/her.
  • You/the author is passionate about inspiring other writers.
  • If guest posting, your proposed article is your own and is original (you have never published the article elsewhere).


How to make a submission

When submissions reopen, please email your query to and include the following:

  • The words ‘Literary Lightbox Submission’ in the email subject.
  • A few sentences on what you propose to be included in the feature.
  • Details of your books and links to where they can be found (copies of books are not required at this stage).
  • Your contact details and anything else you feel may support your submission.

Please do not include any attachments. We will let you know if we require any additional information.


What happens next?

If you’ve been selected, you should hear within six weeks.

There’s more information on the guest posting here and our approach to interviews here.


Frequently asked questions

What topics can I suggest?

We’re open to suggestions for any topics that may inspire other writers.

To get a feel for the sorts of articles commonly covered by Literary Lightbox, we recommend exploring the ‘articles’ section above or taking a look at articles on the homepage. Having said that, we’re always open to ideas for something fresh.

From which genres do you accept authors?

We consider authors from all genres although we tend to steer away from talking about fiction that is driven primarily by religious or political persuasion. This is because we aim for Literary Lightbox to be a peaceful place for authors to come for encouragement and inspiration.

How will I know if my submission has been received?

We acknowledge all emails, generally within a week.

I’ve made a mistake. Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes. Send a new submission email and let us know to ignore the previous one(s).

Can I withdraw my submission?

Yes, you can do this by emailing us to let us know.

How many times can I make a submission?

You can submit as often as you like with as many ideas as you like even if you have been featured before although, to be fair to other authors, we tend only to feature successful authors no more than once a year. We will, however, consider a short blog series on a particular topic, if we feel this will benefit readers.

Are all submissions reviewed?

Yes. We consider every application received.

How do you select who is featured?

We aim to select a balance of article types and pick the ones we think will most benefit readers. To maximise your chances, be sure to get across how your feature might inspire other writers and explain how it is different to features already published on Literary Lightbox.

When will I hear if I have been selected?

If you have been selected, you will normally hear within six weeks of your submission.

What happens if I’m selected?

We’ll be in touch with the great news and will explain what will happen next.

Does is cost anything to be featured?

It costs nothing to apply or, if you are selected, to be featured.

Are writers paid to be featured?

Being featured on Literary Lightbox is a fantastic opportunity. Each article usually gets several thousand views and is promoted through my social media channels. All articles on Literary Lightbox, including my own, are voluntary.

Do you edit guest posts?

We reserve the right to edit guest posts to ensure they fit in with the Literary Lightbox approach. Usually any edits are minor but, if anything more substantial is required, we will speak to you about this. We try to sent the final edit of articles for approval prior to publishing. On rare occasions, upon receiving a guest post, we find it’s not suitable for Literary Lightbox. If this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible and will discuss a way forward.

Do you publicise the features?

We promote all features to over 100,000 followers across all social media channels and to the thousands subscribed to our newsletter. If you’re featured, we’d also encourage you to share the article with your community too. Between us we can help to keep inspiring many writers around the world.

If you have any further questions, please email