Shall we do something special together?


We’re considering building a free, vibrant community for writers around the world here at Literary Lightbox. We love chatting to our readers on social media and, one thing we’ve been noticing recently is just how wonderful it is when a conversation is sparked around a writing topic and writers come together to share thoughts, tips and tales. 

We’re also hearing from writers who are telling us that they’d really value support from other writers and would be willing to offer theirs, for example, to bounce ideas off each other, solve writing challenges and exchange feedback on writing projects.

We’d love to hear what you think of us enabling more great, writerly conversations and providing a space for writers to support each other on Literary Lightbox, for free. 

We’ve put together a short survey, which should take no longer than five minutes, and would like to invite you to take part to share your thoughts on:

  • Whether you think a free writing community might be useful.
  • The kind of atmosphere you’d like to find there.
  • What features/functions you’d be looking for within the community.
  • The general sorts of topics/themes/genres you’d enjoy/find it most helpful discussing.
  • Anything else you might be looking for from the community.

We’d value any responses you can give as they’ll help us create a community that will be as useful to as many writers as possible. We very much want this to be something that is designed around what writers really need and creates a great experience that will keep you motivated, inspired and supported in your writing life. 

All answers given are anonymous and we won’t be capturing any personal data about you. However, if you would like updates on the project, please subscribe on the right, and you’ll be first to hear!

Our survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took part. Subscribe on the right if you’d like to be one of the first to hear what happens next! 

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    By: Loretta Milan

    Loretta Milan is the founder of Literary Lightbox. She works as a professional writer and also has a novel in construction. She is a graduate of the Faber Academy and Curtis Brown Creative’s three-month novel writing programme. Her writing is fuelled by too much tea.

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